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The Earth Moon and Sun
Price : 130.00 $US.



Welcome to the Siam Magic Company.We may be a small website but we have a large inventory packed with plenty of new magic items and magic props. So please enjoy yourself while visiting us.

Magic Pop Up
The fifth item in the new Tenyo 2012 line.

Price : 30.00 $US.
Pyschic Money
From the 2012 Tenyo line, it’s Psychic Money! Move a bill with the power of your mind!

Price : 30.00 $US.
Tower Dice
A great new close up trick from Tenyo’s 2012 line.

Price : 30.00 $US.
Third Eye
Whoever wears the Third Eye can read the minds of others!

Price : 40.00 $US.
Flying Carpet
This is one of our favorites from the new Tenyo 2012 line!

Price : 70.00 $US.
Coffee Break
“Coffee Break” is an impromptu version of the classic Chop Cup, but with a killer ending.

Price : 50.00 $US.
Classic Printing Money Machine
"We would have called this item The Miser’s Dream if there weren’t already a classic routine known the world over by that name."

Price : 300.00 $US.
Magic Princess
A perfect, two-in-one effect for parlor presentations or when performing for small groups, the Magic Princess is a stunning and mystifying variation o

Price : 300.00 $US.
Production Fancy Box
"You show an empty plastic foldable facny color box , then you can produce silks , candies , flowers etc. At the end everthing can be examined."

Price : 70.00 $US.
4D Space Time
A coin melts through the folding bill in the square tube

Price : 30.00 $US.
Sympathetic Cubes
Two Pillars each consist of six large numbered cubes. The sequence of the numbers are different in each pillar, yet when they are un-covered with a tu

Price : 600.00 $US.
Tiny Dice Vase by Mikame
Tiny Dice Vanishing Vase is a very rare Mikame product and is sought by Collectors.

Price : 50.00 $US.
Rabbit Table by Mikame
The Mikame Craft natural wood look with a colorful jumbo rabbit that kids know and love worldwide. High quality craftsmaniship allows you to look like

Price : 260.00 $US.
Super Cup by Mikame
The SUPER Cup is a MASTERPIECE of Craftsmanship! Absolutely Ingenious!

Price : 140.00 $US.
Luc - Key by Mikame
Excellent Precision Made Mechanism Does All the Magic! Make a bet that gives you very bad odds, only 20% chance you’ll win! Place a dollar bill into a

Price : 95.00 $US.
Card Case by Mikame
Mr. Mikame never ceases to amaze with his high production values and imaginative magical routines. The changing card case is no exception. Made of har

Price : 70.00 $US.
Symbolicus ( Alexander De Cova)
You display a big envelope with a prediction. Two spectators assist you with this experiment. Now you show a transparent clipboard with a single sheet

Price : 40.00 $US.
Wonder Box by Kikame
Show a small beautifully crafted wooden box.

Price : 60.00 $US.
Box and Bread Box by Mikame
An old time piece of apparatus for producing a watch from inside a loaf of bread. The performer borrows a watch and places it in the box. Now, having

Price : 99.00 $US.
Zig Zag Can by Mikame
A limited supply of the Prestige Collection is manufactured every 3 months. Small production runs allow these Prestige Collections to be the highest q

Price : 330.00 $US.